How We Make History

Making beautiful jewelry isn’t as simple as placing a stone in a setting, or twisting a piece of wire. Here we’ll take you behind the scenes to see how we make history for you.

Chasing Inspiration

Sinclair Jewelry is inspired by history, so our designs begin with research into extant pieces. Through our contacts we’ve been able to source a library of ancient jewelry designs and photos, and these academic papers are invaluable to our work. While this often means hours of reading museum catalogues and history books, it also entails lots of traveling to museums so we can see ancient works of art up close.

Perfecting the Design

Using the research as a guide, Brandy will often sketch many iterations of a design before sitting down to properly draft out a piece on vellum. Evie’s expertise with gems comes into play here, as she can offer advice for which stones would be well-suited for the type of jewelry and how it is set. Sometimes only the setting will be drawn on the vellum, while the gemstones are rendered on sheets of acetate so they can be swapped out to check various color combinations.

Gathering Stones

Once a design is finalized for production, the handwork can begin. To start, Evelyn finds and/or cuts the gems needed for the piece. This seems simple enough, but first she has to find the rough stone, be it in her collection, through trade with her contacts or travel to mineral shows and mines. When a rough stone passes inspection, it’s off to the saw and grindstone. Once a gem meets the requirements of the design it’s taken to the workshop.

Forming the Metal

Once the polished gems are handed off to Brandy she begins the metalwork. With her saw, pliers, torch and hammer, she takes raw sheets of sterling silver and coils of fine wire and transforms them into jewelry. After the main body of the piece is finished, it’s polished and prepped for any final details before the stones are set. This is when any enamels or gold-plated accents are added. Enameled pieces are prepared, then put into a kiln to fire. The jewelry is polished again after the enameling is done, and gold accents are plated on if the design requires it. Once the stones are set, the item undergoes one last round of polishing, and the work is done.

A Photo Finish

The finished jewelry is finally photographed and put on the website, ready for you to purchase, and we prepare to start the process all over again.

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